MB6BA Gateway

I have held the NoV for the MB6BA Simplex Gateway (1st in Wales) since 2009, It was established when D-star was the only digital mode available, since then many have followed, to me though D-star remains the best of them all having been designed specifically for amateur use.

I have though followed the trend and moved to some other digital modes over the years and have NXDN and DMR in my arsenal of kit.

Therefore it is only fitting that MB6BA evolves too. In August 2023, thanks to Dale Robins (2W0ODS) for his donation of kit towards the project MB6BA now has multi Digital mode capability.

MB6BA Simplex Gateway operates on 144.86250 in the Barry Area, Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, so if you live in the area or are visiting give it a try.

D-Star Connectivity:-




MY: Your own callsign

You must set a Duplex split (DUP) of either Plus or Minus 0.000Mhz for this to work.

DMR Connectivity:

DMR operates on Colour Code 3 and Talkgroup 6 which you would need to program in your codeplug.

YSF Connectivity:

Details to follow.

All connections through MB6BA are set for XLX 135 info here:- http://xlx.hopto.org/

Default connection is to the regional Module B

RAYNET Makes use of Module R

MB6BA is an available asset for the use of RAYNET in the area and is used as part of their capabilities equipment, so from time to time it maybe in use for community events and government emergency support functionality, if you hear it in operation for this use, we ask that you keep it clear for this priority traffic, at all other times you are free to use it as required.