Yaesu FT-818ND

For many years I have been contemplating the Yaesu FT-818ND, recent news of it being discontinued has prompted me to raid the piggy bank and invest in this neat little radio.

Since it’s arrival in January 2023, I have connected it to the 10m antenna and been working some DX with it, was very surprised on the first day of hooking it up to hear many stateside stations, Canada , Costa Rica and South Africa, whilst also working a station in Wisconsin USA, a few into Bulgaria and into Greece, nice for only 6 watts, I see me making good friends with this set and I am already planning to get my portable antennas out to play in spring and summer this year.

Here is a nice little tool to monitor for DX and band activity. (You may have to refresh the page to update the DX Cluster).

20 Metre Band Activity

10 Metre Band Activity

All HF Band Activity